Nothing beats our full color, CMYK QR code delivered in a high resolution EPS file format. The same QR Code engine is built-into our industry-leading Aleyant Pressero™and Aleyant eDocBuilder ™personalization and VDP systems. Among other things, print service providers use Pressero to automatically generate QR Codes on business cards, sell sheets, and other templated print products.

So, don't settle for a low resolution, bit-mapped, RGB QR code when you can have the best: a QR Code generated by the web-to-print experts at Aleyant Systems. Give it a try! Questions? See our FAQ below.

Didn't receive your QR Code? You should receive the emailed QR codes within 10-20 minutes. However, if the email address you enter below has a typo, you will not receive your QR Codes. Many QR Code emails bounce back as undeliverable due to one or more typos in their email address.

Need to change a web address you used in a QR Code? See our FAQ below


"I created a QR Code that takes the user to a web page. The QR Code has been printed on a flyer. Now my customer wants to change the web page address used by the QR Code so it goes to a different web page. Can that be done?"

A: That depends. If the URL is referring to web page in a Pressero B2C (retail) storefront or a Pressero Information Website, you can use our handy URL redirect control in the Pressero Admin area to make the change without needing to reprint the flyers. Simple and easy. 

Otherwise you must create a new QR code with the new web address and reprint the flyers, or you can try having the domain name registrar where the original domain is registered redirect traffic from the old page to the new page.

"How small can I make the QR code and still have it work?"

A: That will depend on the quality of the print, the substrate it is printed on, the lighting, and the quality of the scanner optics (phone camera). As a rule of thumb, larger is better. But the best answer is to test the QR code the way you intend to use it.