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Preview Aleyant's NEW MIS/ERP Software, PrintJobManager, At Upcoming December Webinar

At our December webinar, Greg Salzman, Aleyant President, and Ted Vickers, PrintJobManager Product Manager, will give attendees a preview of our new product, Aleyant PrintJobManager™ (APJM), as well as its integration with Pressero. APJM is MIS/ERP simplified. It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating.

The simple setup and use of the cloud-based APJM enables you to manage your shop from any device. APJM is a standalone application for estimating, inventory management, shop floor data collection and more. Conveniently, it will also work seamlessly with the award winning Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print e-commerce and variable data system. While Pressero is not required to use APJM, product pricing created in APJM can be seamlessly used within Pressero storefronts, eliminating the need to create and maintain separate pricing systems for online stores vs your estimating and job management systems.

Learn more about APJM at our webinar scheduled for Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 1 PM CDT. Time will be allotted for a 10-minute Q&A session. Space is limited, register here today!



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