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It's Time to Bring Your Print Business Online with a Retail Storefront 

Aleyant will be hosting a series of upcoming webinars geared toward helping the print industry navigate the current business climate. This first webinar in the series will focus on moving your print business online with a retail B2C storefront.

Retail storefronts are also known as B2C (Business to Consumer) storefronts. They are used to harness the sales and marketing potential of the Internet, enabling you to sell your printing services to anybody online, at anytime of day. The Aleyant Pressero™ storefront system supports the creation of a highly customizable retail storefront.
Dave Voght, a member of Aleyant’s Support Team, will cover the following topics in this upcoming webinar:
  • Main differences between B2C and B2B sites
  • Choosing a custom domain
  • Skin selection, navigation, forms and custom content best used on B2C sites
  • Adding credit card options so B2C customers can pay immediately
  • Types of products and templates that are best suited for a B2C site that anyone can access and order
  • Guest checkout options
  • Creating a single B2C site to create product portals for certain customers, different pricing for certain groups or to show products but not enable them to be ordered by certain groups through a single retail site
  • Adding third-party apps to your site to encourage customer communications like newsletters (live chat, Constant Contact/Mailchimp, etc.)
  • SEO options





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