The Aleyant Pressero™ storefront system for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumers provides productivity, profit, and time saving benefits to your business; and convenience, error prevention, and time saving benefits to your customer.

B2B Storefront Benefits, B2C Benefits, Shared Benefits

B2C and B2B

  • To Your CUSTOMER
    • Convenient Ordering Anytime
    • Quickly Find Desired Products
    • Instant Pricing
    • Easily Personalize, Proof, and Approve Products
    • Conveniently Save Products to Cart to Complete Later
    • Split Shipping to Multiple Lcations
    • Order Status Anxiety Eliminated
    • Quickly Re-Order from Order History
    • Reduced Errors

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Customer Storefront (B2B)

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Retail Storefront (B2C)

  • To Your BUSINESS
    • Immediate Cash Flow with Credit Card Payments
    • Increased Search Engine Ranking
    • Increased Sales with Promotion Codes
    • Showcase Featured Products

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