The Aleyant Pressero™ web to print software solution has a built-in, automated email notification system triggered by print orders and other activities taking place in the B2C and B2B storefront websites.

Web to Print File Transfer

Pressero storefronts support three file transfer methods:
  • File transfer (1 GB) via attachments to a print order
  • File transfer (1 GB) via a webpage added to the website
  • File transfer (1 GB+) via FTP desktop software

FTP Accounts

Besides being able to attach files up to 1 GB to an order, each Pressero web to print plan supports a number of separate FTP accounts. Graphic designers and others can use FTP for transferring files larger than 1 GB, though the average customer has no need for it. The Pressero software system enables you to create many FTP accounts if needed—a main FTP account, as well as other accounts for use with separate stores or specific customers.