As the print production center for a corporation or institution, we understand that you have some unique needs that many Web-to-Print services cannot meet. The team behind Aleyant Pressero™ has worked hard to provide you with the tools you need to function effectively as an in-plant:

  • Login with Active Directory / LDAP
  • cXML Procurement integration
  • Auto job submission to vendors
  • Purchase approval workflows
  • Job Ticketing & Tracking

Integration Services

Active Directory/LDAP

Your users do not want to maintain a separate user name and login to access your online print ordering system. Pressero can authenticate against any available Active Directory or LDAP server.

Procurement Systems

If your organization is using a procurement system for print acquisition, Pressero can support a punchout process.

Web Services

Pressero can integrate with other systems using SOAP based XML data transmissions. Available methods support the transfer of order data and job status information.


Skip the prepress department

For many routine tasks by using eDocBuilder, our online variable data system, will deliver personlized, proofed, and approved variable data templates using our eDocBuilder system. Or, use the personalized PDF print driver to enable automatic PDF creation and submission to your facilities, directly from your customer's desktop.

Automate order taking

By creating a Customer Storefront for each of your key customers to directly order their printed materials on your website, you save precious CSR resources and allow your highly competent staff to focus on more difficult tasks. How many employees do you have that will work 24/7 for a low monthly price?

Please visit our Solutions page to learn more about how Pressero can benefit your printing business.