order approval system for web-to-print

Popular for B2B web to print storefronts, all Aleyant Pressero™ B2B storefronts support the standard Order Approval feature that permits supervisors or purchasing agents to approve all orders placed by their employees using your online e-commerce print ordering storefront.

When an order is placed by their employee, an email is sent to the "approver" with a link to review the order and approve it.

The approval system can be turned on or off store by store.

Advanced "Custom Order Approval Plans"

Of course, sometimes your client may only need to approve some orders, rather than all or none. Included with Pressero Professional and both Pressero Enterprise plans, the more advanced "Custom Order Approval Plans" feature provides the capability to create your own custom approval plans that apply only to orders that meet specific criteria specified by your client.

Flexible Order Approval Criteria

A "Request to Approve Order" email is automatically sent to the appropriate supervisor or purchasing agent when an order meets certain pre-set criteria. Choices for the triggering the email include:

  • All. All orders must be approved, or 
  • Product. Orders for a certain product must be approved, or
  • Category. Orders for a certain category of product must be approved, or
  • Shipping. Orders for using certain shipping method must be approve, or
  • Person. Orders by a certain person must be approved, or
  • People. Orders by a member of a certain group must be approved, or
  • Value. Orders over a certain monetary limit must be approved, or
  • Custom. Orders that conform to custom tags you create must be approved

Flexible, Multi-Level Print Order Approval

Depending on the needs of your customer, the approval can be done by a certain person, or by any of a group of people. The Approver can be limited to approving or denying the order, or they can be given the ability to edit the order as well.

If needed by your customer, the order can even be subjected to more than one layer of approval, each based on different approval criteria.