As a Print Distributor, you live a hectic life filled with telephone calls, press checks, and travels to the next customer location. Aleyant Pressero™, when used well, can be your most effective sales and customer service assistant:

  • Customer Catalogs
  • Easy file uploads
  • Email notifications
  • Auto job submission to vendors
  • Serves the customer while you find new business


Customer Storefronts

By creating a Customer Storefront for each of your key customers to directly order their printed materials on your website, you save precious time by eliminating unnecessary phone conversations. How many employees do you have that will work 24/7 for a low monthly price?

File Uploads

Customers can easily upload large files directly on your website . You'll get an email notification when that file arrives. You can easily forward the email to your vendor or use our innovative File Jockey service to deliver the file.

Skip the prepress department

Allow customers to personalize, proof, and approve variable data templates using our Aleyant eDocBuilder™ system. Or use the personalized PDF print driver to enable automatic PDF creation and submission to your facilities, directly from your customer's desktop.

Vendor Management

Automatic job submission

Pressero can automatically submit jobs to the vendor of your choice after the order has been placed and approved. Work with an unlimited number of vendors and insure that each one has the exact files and information necessary to print the job accurately.

Vendor transparency

Your customer sees your information, not your vendor's, when logging into your website when placing an order. Easily move work from one vendor to the next as needed with the automatic vendor submission tool.

Please visit our Solutions page to learn more about how Pressero can benefit your printing business.