Pressero can be more than a storefront system, it can automatically feed the orders to your preferred vendors. A vendor control area enables you to select a vendor for specific products. Orders will be sent automatically, saving you valuable time.

Web-to-Print with Automated Outsourcing

From Storefront to automated outsourcing. In this example, orders are sorted by vendor based on rules you have set, and automatically sent to them by the Pressero web-to-print system. They get everything they need to produce and ship the job. They can even update the status of the order. The example below is just one of many possible print broker or print distributor workflow scenarios that can save you time, expense, and errors.
Web to print automated vendor outsoucing workflow

Pricing Markups

Related to outsourcing orders, Pressero supports a price markup feature. After agreeing on a cost with your vendor, the markup can be added in the store and you can produce reports showing your cost and the sell price.