Pressero can be more than a storefront system, it can automatically feed files to the production side via the innovative Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI).  

AWI bridges the gap between the customer-facing stores and the back-end prepress imposition workflow system.

Automated Web-to-Print Imposition with Impostrip

W2P impostrip imposition automation

Designed with productivity in mind, Impostrip OnDemand Automation by Ultimate Technographics optimizes every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. In a few mouse clicks you can set-up a link to your Pressero Web to Print ordering system either using the Automated Workflow Integrator or using your Pressero-connected MIS.

From Storefront to Automated Imposition

In this example, files are retrieved by the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI), filtered based on rules you have set, and placed into a hot folder watched by the Impostrip imposition software (sold separately by Ultimate Technographics).

The imposition software performs a series of best fit operations based on an instruction file created and delivered by AWI. The imposed production file is then available for other processes, saving you time, expense, and errors. 

Free Web to Print Imposition Integration Webinar

Web to print webinar libraryA free webinar on integrating automated imposition with web-to-print is available in the Pressero Webinar Library. Learn how this integration can improve your workflow by creating a lights out, hands free, truly reliable process to automate incoming jobs from Pressero for print production.

Web to print automated imposition workflow

Great for Short Production Runs

Perfect for very short turn-around delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional and short-run of books. Its extensive options for web imposition allow drawing the most of high-speed ink jet presses with optimization schemes and inserting all marks needed for in-line finishing. Its unique Dynamic hot folders allow the same folder to impose jobs of varying lengths, page sizes and formats, thus simplifying your set-up. A free 5 day trial of Impostrip is available.

Web to print imposition workflow example


  • Provides a new level of prepress performance.
  • Increases the quality of each print making your business more profitable.
  • Automatic control over page positioning and markings maximizing efficiency.
  • Optimized PDF output capability for extra speed on personalized projects.
  • Makes short run jobs more profitable through advanced JDF/XML automation.
  • Press and paper optimization using imposition allows various jobs to be grouped
  • Increase margin on jobs by grouping more books together automatically.

Key Features

  • Origami virtual paper folding for easy templates making.
  • AutoFlow Ganging.
  • Dynamic Template provides the ability to use the same hot folder for multiple jobs.
  • PDF optimization module for VDP personalization.
  • Dynamic barcode composition for tracking, quality control and finishing automation.
  • XML Director Module to connect and streamline orders from store-front.
  • Enfocus Switch Configurator
  • Configurable banner sheet with variable content (job name, barcode…).
  • Booklet Configurator module to automate imposition of various size booklets in same job
  • Supports for web sectioning reducing blank padding.
  • Grouping various jobs for web width optimization.
  • Provides on-the-fly collating marks placement.

More about Impostrip and Ultimate Technologies

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